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Camaplast srl - Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester Laminates (GRP) - Faq


  1. What are the dimensions of Camaplast laminates?
    Camaplast laminates are supplied in 30 meters standard length and in height up to a maximum of 3 meters.
    See Product features tab.

  2. What is the minimum order quantity?
    The minimum quantity is a laminate of 30 meters in length.
    On request may be made smaller sizes subject to availability of stock.

  3. I am a private. Can I buy?
    Yes you can. In this case, please fill out the form on giving your details.

  4. How are supplied Camaplast laminates?
    Camaplast laminates are supplied in rolls or sheets cut to size.

  5. How large are the rolls?
    Depends on the thickness of the laminate. They usually have a diameter between 40 and 80 cm per a height equal to the height of the laminate.

  6. What is the laminate thickness?
    Any thickness from 0.6 mm to 10 mm.

  7. How can paste a Camaplast laminate?
    With glue or polyurethane foams and polyester resins.
    View User guide.

  8. Can be cut to size slabs?
    Yes, Camaplast laminates can be cut into rectangular slabs.

  9. What colors can be provided?
    All colors except metallics.
    To facilitate the choice you should refer to the RAL colors.

  10. Camaplast laminates can be repainted?
    Yes, in the case of gelcoat products.

  11. There are transparent laminates?
    Camaplast laminates can be translucent, using them as industrial glazing, greenhouses or wherever you need light to pass.

  12. The laminates are washable?
    Yes, easy cleaning and hygiene are among the main characteristics of the laminates Camaplast.

  13. How can I cut the laminate?
    Camaplast laminates can be cut with scissors or plumbing circular saws with diamond.

  14. How do I clean laminate?
    Camaplast laminates can be cleaned with normal solvents such as alcohol or acetone.

  15. Is the laminate weatherproof?
    Yes. Being the Camaplast laminates a composite made by fiberglass and polyester are extremely resistant to weathering.
    For an "eternal" duration is recommended the Gelcoat laminate.

  16. How heavy is a Camaplast laminate?
    Depends on the product.
    The density of fiberglass is about 1400 kg/m3.
    Then a 1mm thick laminate weighs about 1.4 kg per square meter of product.
    For example, a roll of 1mm thick and 2m x 30m would weigh about 85 kg.

  17. What is the protective film?
    To use the Camaplast laminate without dirt and damage it during installation. The protective film is removed when work is finished.

  18. Which is the most widely used product?
    The product Camaplast G750 (750 g/m2 fiber laminate with Gelcoat and nominal thickness of 1.8 mm) for the good price/performance ratio is the product that is most used.

  19. How is the transport of the laminate?
    The laminates can be ordered and picked up directly at our warehouse or sent by courier at our favorable transport rates.

  20. What are the delivery times?
    It depends on the quantity ordered and the availability of stock. Generally within three weeks from the order.