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Camaplast srl - Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester Laminates (GRP) - Motor-homes and mobile-shop

Motor-homes and mobile-shop

Camaplast laminates are widely used for the production of motor homes, both for the external surfaces (glossy / matte and shades of colors) and interior.

Their use, as in the case of commercial vehicles, applies to the production of the sides, roofs, floors and bottoms.

This sector also includes all manufacturers of mobile shops, making use of Camaplast laminates for their reliability and durability.

That you are producers or hobbyists of the camper, you will find a valuable ally in Camaplast laminates.

Recommended products: Gelcoat for sides, roofs, doors - Piano for bottoms - Obscured Gelcoat for internal sides.


Motor-homes and mobile-shop - Applications